TWF – Kyle Korver: 3-Point Extraordinaire

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The Weekly Fives

Last week, we covered field goal percentage, a statistic ever so important in a game shifting more toward efficiency than pure production. However, field goal percentage has one major problem – it doesn’t necessarily track those that ‘shoot’ the best, but often just those who are big-bodied and can make layups and dunks. As you will remember, DeAndre Jordan was by far the most impressive performer in the category, but he rarely shoots anything besides dunks, in truth. So, by popular demand, it only makes sense to attack a category that clearly fits true shooters the best – three point percentage.

In the NBA, only seven players have ever shot over 50% from three point range for a full season. Steve Kerr has done it twice, in 1989 (50.69%) and 1994 (52.35%). In fact, during that 1994-95 season, Kerr set the record for three point percentage in a season, a record that would stand for a decade and a half. Only Kyle Korver, during the 2009-10 season, shot better. Korver, a Creighton alum, shot an incredible 53.64% over the span of the season. Since then, nobody has gotten particularly close in the category, and Korver, now a veteran in the league, is the only active player in the top 15 in terms of three point shooting percentage. Currently, Korver is shooting 46% from three point range, second in the NBA, behind only Washington’s Otto Porter Jr. (46.1%)

As most people know, the Creighton Bluejays are a three point powerhouse, beating teams strictly from behind the arc. After all, Kyle Korver is a product of Creighton, a high-flying shooter known for his accuracy. Currently, Creighton still has its share of marksmen, with Cole Huff at the helm, shooting 47.7% from downrange. Toby Hegner is not far behind, at 44.4%. Nebraska guard Glynn Watson Jr. is shooting 42%, and Omaha’s Zach Jackson is shooting 46%. Overall, the three point shot is being more widely used in the college game, and through it, teams are able to put up scoring numbers never before thought to be reachable.

On the high school level, only one player is currently shooting higher than 50% from three point land, and at an incredible 53%, Nate Thayer is killing it. The sharpshooter from Platteview, in fact, has a 5% advantage over the next closest players. Although the numbers out of Nebraska don’t stack up particularly well nationally, these leaders have shown to be proficient from beyond the arc.


  1. Otto Porter Jr., Washington Wizards (46.1%)
  2. Kyle Korver, Atlanta Hawks/Cleveland Cavaliers (45.8%)
  3. Joe Ingles, Utah Jazz (44.1%)
  4. Gary Harris, Denver Nuggets (43.4%)
  5. Darren Collison, Sacramento Kings (43.0%)
  1. Cole Huff, Creighton (47.7%)                                          ncaa-local-logo
  2. Zach Jackson, Omaha (45.9%)
  3. Toby Hegner, Creighton (44.4%)
  4. Glynn Watson Jr., Nebraska (41.9%)
  5. Mitchell Hahn, Omaha (41.6%)
  1. nsaa-logoNate Thayer, Platteview (53%)
  2. Caleb Gebhardt, Lutheran-Northeast (48%)
  3. Kyle Luedtke, Creighton Prep (48%)
  4. Jack Goering, Grand Island Central Catholic (46%)
  5. Jadyn Ford, Elm Creek (46%)

(Stats as of 2/26/17)

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Logan Skrabal

Senior App Associate, Nebraska

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, COJMC


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