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The Weekly Fives

Over the past few weeks, if you have kept up with this blog, we have covered the five major statistical categories (points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks) as they relate to the per game average. Now, we shift focus to a different kind of statistic. Instead of focusing on how many points one has scored, we are going to tackle field goal percentage, or the amount of baskets scored, divided by the amount of baskets attempted. In this way, we can determine who the most efficient scorer is, very valuable to a basketball team. For example, a player may only average ten points per game, but shoot 5/6 on their field goals. Therefore, they would have an 83.3% FG% for that particular game. Today, we are zeroing in on those players who have had the best field goal percentage over the course of the season as a whole. It is important to note that, while any player can have a high field goal percentage, the best are usually big men, because they typically only shoot from about a foot or two from the basket, therefore having a higher likelihood of making their field goals.

Once again, Wilt Chamberlain has his name in the record books, distinguishing himself as having the best field goal percentage over a single season. In 1972, Wilt had a 73% field goal percentage. The only other person to have a season field goal percentage over 70% actually had two of them. In 2014, Clippers center DeAndre Jordan hit 71% of his field goals, following that season up the next year by hitting another 70% of his field goals in 2015. This year, Jordan is still in the drivers seat, sitting at a 69.4% clip, followed by four other centers to round out the top five.

Locally, Justin Patton has been tearing it up, sitting at an astonishing 70% field goal percentage. Khyri Thomas, also from Creighton, sits at fifth in the conference at a 53.7% clip. Creighton, as a team, shoots a very high field goal percentage, known nationally as a very efficient team. In the state, Creighton players make up five of the top six in field goal percentage, performing significantly better than Nebraska and Omaha. Overall, Justin Patton has made himself known across the country, knocking down more field goals statistically than he has missed.

Moving to the high school ranks, Creighton Prep sophomore Akol Arop has shown true production from around the rim, hanging on to a 73% FG%. New Mexico commit and Omaha Central big man Isaiah Poor Bear-Chandler is second in the state, at 69%. They have both been vital to their teams success this season.


  1. DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers (69.4%)
  2. Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz (64.5%)
  3. Clint Capela, Houston Rockets (64.4%)
  4. Dwight Howard, Atlanta Hawks (64.4%)
  5. Marcin Gortat, Washington Wizards (59.4%)
  1. Justin Patton, Creighton (70.0%)                                          ncaa-local-logo
  2. Khyri Thomas, Creighton (53.7%)
  3. Maurice Watson Jr., Creighton (50.8%)
  4. Tre’Shawn Thurman, Omaha (47.9%)
  5. Marcus Foster, Creighton (47.7%)
  1. nsaa-logoAkol Arop, Creighton Prep (73%)
  2. Isaiah Poor Bear-Chandler, Omaha Central (69%)
  3. Justin Heine, Centennial (67%)
  4. Jack Straka, Mount Michael Benedictine (65%)
  5. Cauy Drobny, Niobrara/Verdigre (64%)

(Stats as of 2/12/17)

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Logan Skrabal

Senior App Associate, Nebraska

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, COJMC


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